Fed up with dealing with terrible headaches ever so often?

Regardless of whether your headache is caused by stress, sinus issues, lack of sleep or plain fatigue, it is always bothersome.

But, why power through the pain when there is a perfect home remedy for headache?

The solution for your debilitating problem lies in essential oils for headaches!

With the right essential oil for headache, you can send any migraine or headache packing and enjoy the peace you deserve.

Here, we give you the rundown of what essential oil is good for headaches and how to use it to manage your problem.

But before that, a quick refresher on the best ways to use essential oil for headache for maximum benefit.

  • Rub the essential oil into the acupressure points at the nape of your neck, behind the ears, on your temples, wrist, and soles of the feet
  • Diffuse the oil in your space and inhale it
  • Directly inhale it from the bottle or add a few drops to a handkerchief and breathe it in
  • Use it in steam therapy or add it to your bath

Now, let’s dive into how to use essential oils to manage headaches.


Peppermint oil

This is one of the best essential oils headache remedies because it contains menthol that numbs the pain. It has the unique ability to calm the nervous system and offer relief from acute headaches. You can directly inhale it or apply it topically for quick relief from headaches.

Eucalyptus essential oil

If you constantly struggle with sinus headaches, eucalyptus essential oil will offer profound relief. This essential oil for sinus headache is a powerful decongestant. It reduces nasal congestion and clears the airways.

Glow’s eucalyptus oil is pure and concentrated. So, dilute it with a carrier oil before using it for a massage. However, you can directly add it to your bath or diffuser.

Bergamot essential oil

When headaches are triggered or exacerbated by stress, the citrusy scent of bergamot essential oil can reduce your discomfort.

Use Glow’s Bergamot essential oil as your essential oil diffuser blend for headache in your home or office, and your headache will be a lot more tolerable.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is one of our favorite multi-tasking oils because it offers excellent benefits for anxiety and stress. Scientific studies indicate that inhaling its floral goodness will even reduce the severity of migraines and sinus-induced headaches.

You can use Glow’s lavender oil in a myriad of ways to combat headaches. Massage your forehead with the oil or add it to hot water for steam inhalation. You can even add it to your diffuser or bath.

Essential oil blend for headache and migraine relief

Did you know that a concoction of essential oils will produce a better outcome than using individual essential oils?

Glow’s essential oil blend for sinus headache and migraine is the perfect example, as it offers quick relief from persistent and throbbing headaches.

This blend of seven essential oils effectively targets migraines and headaches and offers better relief than other OTC medications and other medicated oils like Young living oil for headache in the market.

Carry it with you wherever you go and be prepared to tackle any headache as soon as it strikes by simply applying it to your skin.