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Essential Oil Malaysia

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Limited Time Offer
Brand: Glow Model: EEO-15721
The latest addition to our pure oils collection Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil is well-loved by many and for good reason. Not only will it make your home smell like a spa with its fresh, earthy aroma, it also does pretty much everything from clearing up sinuses, relieving allergies, combating str..
RM39.00 RM78.00
Organic Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Soothing Spray
Special Offer
Brand: Glow Model: JMPR-2021
Say good-bye to those aching muscles and joints with a brand new product to Glow’s Essential Oils range - Organic Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Soothing Spray. Our formula with 100% pure extracts from 7 plants naturally soothes your sore muscles and joints and is also perfect for post-workout ..
Geranium Essential Oil
Limited Time Offer
Brand: Glow Model: GEO-14721
We’re excited to bring you our latest obsession - Geranium Oil, which will become your new best friend as it promotes glowing skin and luscious hair  as well as promotes relaxation and alleviates depressive mood. We’re confident you will fall in love with its sweet, floral aroma and beautifying..
RM39.59 RM75.00
Brand: Glow Model: HAO-SAO
Headaches, migraines, stress or anxiety can range from uncomfortable to downright "just-kill-me-now" unbearable, even to the point of disrupting your day-to-day life.At Glow our favourite tip is gently massaging your temples and pressure points at the back of your neck and wrists with our "Tension A..
Brand: Glow Model: JUL-DEEO-PCO
Does a muddled stomach add to the discomfort during your period? Turn to Glow’s All Cramps Away set for complete respite from your distress. This power-packed combination of Glow’s digestive blend essential oil and periods cramps oil will comfort your digestive qualms and period-related symptoms and..
Bergamot Essential Oil
Limited Time Offer
Brand: Glow Model: BEO-14521
We are really excited to introduce the latest addition to our ever-growing line-up - Glow’s Single Oils Collection! Our latest Bergamot Essential Oil is another versatile go-to favourite at Glow. It has a sweet, spicy citrus aroma and is one of the most unique citrus oils due to its ability to ..
RM39.35 RM48.90
Brand: Glow Model: JUL-DEEO-HAO
Whether it is due to work-related stress or overeating, digestive issues and headaches can make things go haywire.Rein in control and restore your body to normalcy with Glow’s Body Balance set of organic digest oil and essential oil for headaches.Glow’s digestive blend essential oil offers instant a..
Brand: Glow Model: BFO-2020
The most gentle and natural breast firming oil with therapeutic benefits. Essential oil blend of 6 pure essential oils work together to improve sagging and restore breast elasticity and firmness.Organic breast care essential oil that:Improves sagging and skin elasticity and treats wrinkles.Increases..
Brand: Glow Model: JUL-SWEO-SCF
Don’t let troublesome sinus problems and sleeplessness get the better of you. Eliminate cold, cough, and chest congestion symptoms and enjoy good sleep with Glow’s Breathe and sleep easy set that combines the benefits of the best sleep essential oil blend and essential oil for sinus. Glow’s deep sle..
Cypress Essential Oil
Limited Time Offer
Brand: Glow Model: CEO-30521
We’re excited to bring to you newcomer Cypress, one of the most well-rounded yet underrated oils on the market. You will be transported to lush forests with its fresh, woody aroma that is both calming and energising at the same time. Cypress also has amazing therapeutic benefits that can help a..
RM39.35 RM59.90
Brand: Glow Model: JUL-DEEO-SAO
Have you noticed how stress triggers digestive problems and vice-versa?Use Glow’s Daily Wellness Set to stop this explosive combination from crushing you. This package of Glow’s organic digest oil and stress away essential oil will prevent stress and digestive concerns from escalating into serious, ..
Brand: Glow Model: NRO-2022
Introducing the latest addition to our Roller Oils collection - our  Essential Oil for Nausea Relief! If you’re all too familiar with that queasy feeling, our proprietary blend of 100% pure and best essential oils for nausea will help naturally ease your nausea whether it stems from pregna..
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