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Pure Essential Oil

Brand: Glow Model: EEO-15721
The latest addition to our pure oils collection Eucalyptus essential oil is well-loved by many and for good reason. Not only will it make your home smell like a spa with its fresh, earthy aroma, it also does pretty much everything from clearing up sinuses, relieving allergies, combating stress to ev..
Brand: Glow Model: GEO-14721
We’re excited to bring you our latest obsession - Geranium Oil, which will become your new best friend as it promotes glowing skin and luscious hair  as well as promotes relaxation and alleviates depressive mood. We’re confident you will fall in love with its sweet, floral aroma and beautifying..
Brand: Glow Model: BEO-14521
We are really excited to introduce the latest addition to our ever-growing line-up - Glow’s Single Oils Collection! Our latest Bergamot Essential Oil is another versatile go-to favourite at Glow. It has a sweet, spicy citrus aroma and is one of the most unique citrus oils due to its ability to ..
Cypress Essential Oil
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Brand: Glow Model: CEO-30521
We’re excited to bring to you newcomer Cypress, one of the most well-rounded yet underrated oils on the market. You will be transported to lush forests with its fresh, woody aroma that is both calming and energising at the same time. Cypress also has amazing therapeutic benefits that can help a..
Brand: Glow Model: FEO-21721
If you haven’t heard much about our latest addition Frankincense Essential Oil, we can’t wait to introduce you to one of the most valued essential oils in the world. Made from the resin of the Boswellia tree, Frankincense was considered the “liquid gold” in ancient times and used in the most sacred ..
Brand: Glow Model: JEO-18721
We dare you not to fall in love with our latest newcomer Jasmine Oil - not only does it smell absolutely exquisite with its alluring floral and exotic scent but it’s also a powerhouse packed with a long list of incredible benefits from enhancing sexual desires to relieving menopause symptoms.You wil..
Brand: Glow Model: LEO-10521
We are really excited to introduce the latest addition to our ever-growing line-up - Glow’s Single Oils Collection! Glow's first single essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils - Lavender, a staple in any essential oil lover’s repertoire. Lavender has a lovely flora..
Brand: Glow Model: PEO-21207
You won’t get enough of our latest addition Patchouli oil with its earthy, sweet and musky aroma that has earned it a coveted reputation in the fragrance and cologne industry. Besides its intoxicating scent, Patchouli also has a wealth of health benefits from relieving depression to boosting your me..
Brand: Glow Model: REO-28521
Our current obsession is the latest addition to our single oil lineup - Rosemary. Long before it found its way to your spice cabinet, Rosemary was actually used by Greek scholars to boost their memory during exams and today it also boasts a very impressive lineup of diverse benefits including b..
Brand: Glow Model: TTO-15721
Our latest newcomer Tea Tree Oil is widely known as a powerful weapon against acne, but did you know its purifying benefits extend well beyond skincare? Whether you are looking to freshen up your home, kill viruses or treat fungal infections, tea tree oil is a must-have for your collection.With a cr..
Spearmint Essential Oil
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Brand: Glow Model: SEO-6621
In the mint family, Spearmint often gets overshadowed by its powerhouse cousin Peppermint but we think it’s high time we bring this sweeter and gentler mint oil into the limelight. Spearmint only contains 0.5% menthol (compared to 40% in Peppermint), making it the preferred mint for children, elderl..
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