Did you know that you are losing out on a ton of beauty benefits if you aren’t using an essential oil serum?

Facial serum essential oil works wonders by infusing the skin with healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients and giving it a beautiful, natural glow.

Now, there are all types of serums in the market. But, how do you know what they contain?

Why take a risk when you can create your very own customized facial serum in mere minutes with just a few ingredients?

So, how do you make your essential oil skin care serum recipes?

You need two main ingredients for any essential oil face serum recipe: essential oil and carrier oil.

The trick to making diy essential oil face serum is choosing the right essential oils and carrier oils for your skin type. Let us begin by looking at the best essential oils to create your very own personalized essential oil recipe for face serum and the carrier oils by skin type.

Best essential oils for essential oil recipe for face serum

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil benefits for skin are profound.

Frankincense oil uses range from maintaining the oil balance to tackling discoloration and pigmentation. Additionally, frankincense essential oil blend has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Using frankincense oil for face will slow down the aging process.

If you are wondering how to use frankincense oil on face, the simplest way is to incorporate it into a serum. Frankincense oil before and after results are also noteworthy in essential oil eye serum blends.

Geranium oil

Geranium essential oil recipes enhance skin quality by eliminating dead cells and tightening pores. You can also use it to make an essential oil face serum for wrinkles.

Geranium essential oil blend recipes will reduce wrinkles and fine lines and help skin infections heal.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils.

The benefits of lavender essential oil include anti-antioxidant and anti-septic action. Hence, it is a good choice for essential oil face serum for wrinkles.

Lavender essential oil Malaysia targets acne scars and promotes skin healing.

Best carrier oils for different skin types

For dry skin

Natural argan oil is super-moisturizing but lightweight. It works well in serums for dry skin and hair as well as diy essential oil face serum for anti-aging. It is rich in skin-beneficial fatty acids and has excellent nourishing properties.

For oily skin

Jojoba oil Malaysia works for all skin types because it resembles natural sebum.

It is a popular ingredient in different essential oil face serum for wrinkles and essential oil antiaging serum.

For Combination skin

Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil hydrate and nourish combination skin. You can also use jojoba or coconut oil Malaysia if you have combination skin.

How to make your very own essential oil face serum

All that is now left is to make your essential oil beauty serum by blending your favorite essential oil and carrier oil.

The easy way to combine the carrier and essential oil for face serum is directly in a dropper bottle.

A good rule of thumb for essential oil dilution for face serum recipes is to add 15 to 20 drops of essential oil per 6 teaspoons of carrier oil. You can use the same ratio to make your diy essential oil hair growth serum also.

Then shake the bottle until the oils are well-combined. Voila! You have your very own customized DIY essential oil face serum.