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08 Nov Bergamot Essential Oil benefits
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Do you love citrus essential oils because their zesty, uplifting scent instantly perks you up? If yes, let us introduce you to a new superstar from the citrus essential oil family—Bergamot essential o..
30 Sep How to use sweet almond oil for skin care?
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Is your skin tired, irritated, and in dire need of care? It is time to introduce yourself to sweet almond oil! So, what is this special ingredient? Let us find out. What is sweet almond oil? Sweet alm..
17 Sep Coconut oil Fractionated Vs Virgin
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All you need to know about Coconut oil: Fractionated Vs Virgin “Should you or shouldn’t you apply coconut oil to your skin?”If this debate has been raging through your mind, let us put it to rest!At G..
25 Aug The bliss of lavender body oil
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If there is an essential oil that has always ignited interest because of its incomparable benefits, it is Lavender essential oil! From being a favorite with Cleopatra to making its way into soaps in a..
05 Jul Oil massage benefits for health
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Do you often think what are oil massage benefits for health? How you can start with self-massage at home? Are you perpetually tired, struggling with pain, or unable to relax? Would you believe it if w..
04 Jul Little known wonders of Grapeseed oil
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With new oils, serums, and skincare products appearing every other day, it is difficult to filter the best from the rest. Grapeseed oil berry stoberry, luvly beauty grapeseed oil, and our very own Glo..
22 Apr Create your own facial serum in 5 minutes
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Did you know that you are losing out on a ton of beauty benefits if you aren’t using an essential oil serum?Facial serum essential oil works wonders by infusing the skin with healthy, nutrient-dense i..
20 Mar 7 things you should know when buying essential oils
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Isn’t it amazing how essential oils work towards transforming your health, beauty, and overall wellness from ordinary to extraordinary?But a word of caution—you should use authentic, organic essential..
11 Mar Essential oils for pain relief—Does it work?
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Dealing with pain is terribly frustrating, isn’t it?But, wait before you reach for over-the-counter pain-relief medication, for a better solution could lie in a tiny bottle of essential oil!Many essen..
28 Feb How to choose the best essential oil?
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Congratulations on deciding to make essential oils a part of your daily life. It is certainly one of the best things you can do for your health, beauty, and well-being!But you must know how to correct..
21 Feb 13 Incredible benefits of Geranium essential oil
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Do you love the captivating scent of floral essential oils? Then, you will find geranium essential oil irresistible!Although geranium oil is relatively lesser known than other floral essential oils, i..
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