Are you tired of tossing and turning in bed with sleep evading you?

We can imagine your frustration when you can’t sleep despite being exhausted after a long and tiring day. Insomnia is a double-ended sword that increases your stress levels and decreases productivity.

Fortunately, essential oil blends for sleep are a convenient and effective remedy for your problem. These natural sleep aids will allow you to relax and sleep better without any side effects.

Here are the most effective ways to use essential oils to drive away your insomnia problems and sleep like a baby.

Massage with essential oils for sleep

Massage Glow’s Sleep-well essential oil recipe for sleep into your skin for respite from sleeplessness. This relaxing blend of eight pure herbal eo for sleep uses powerful herbs like valerian, lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and sweet marjoram to target insomnia problems.

Pamper yourself by massaging your body with this oil to soothe tired muscles and boost your mood. Focus on the acupoints at your wrist, behind the ear, back of your neck, collarbone, and spine. As the oil penetrates your skin, you will swiftly slip into oblivion.

Have a relaxing bath with essential oil blends for sleep

A hot relaxing bath before bedtime can do wonders for your body. Enhance its benefits by adding a few drops of Glow’s Jasmine or Lavender essential oils to the bathwater. The sweet floral fragrance will uplift your spirits and relax your mind and body.

To finish it off, rub Glow’s sleep oil on your skin after drying yourself, and you will barely know when you drifted off to dreamland.

Inhale sleep-inducing essential oils in the evening

Transform your bedroom into an inviting space by diffusing essential oil blends for better sleep. Add a few drops of Glow’s Lavender essential oil or geranium essential oil to your diffuser, and the aroma will spread through the space. Inhaling the uplifting floral fragrance will induce sleep.

If you feel terribly worn out at the end of most days, we highly recommend adding Glow’s Me-time set to your bedtime routine. This powerful combination of essential oils for sleep and anxiety will work in tandem to calm your restless mind and promote sound sleep.

Use calming essential oil blends to overcome daily stress

If you constantly lay wide awake in the middle of the night, worrying about various things, stress and anxiety are to blame!

Stress and anxiety cause disturbed sleep, which will in turn adversely affects productivity and leads to more stress. Break this vicious cycle with Glow’s stress-away essential oil.

This amazing calming essential oil blend has powerful nervine herbs that calm frazzled nerves and induce a sedative state of mind. Use it whenever you are stressed to will relax your mind and restore normal sleep.

Apply relaxing essential oils to the soles of your feet

Did you know that the pores on the bottom of your feet are highly absorbent? So, rubbing essential oils on the soles of your feet will help in quicker absorption and faster action.

When sleeplessness poses a problem, rub a calming essential oil like Glow’s trusted Bergamot essential oil into the soles of your feet. It will create a sense of calm and help your body rest well.