Do you dread your period because of the agonizing pains that accompany it? Not to mention the irksome moodiness and body aches that make you feel down in the dumps!

At Glow, we believe that natural period pain remedies can alleviate your misery to a great extent, which is why we rely on all-natural solutions like our Moody PMS Away set to relieve both the mind and body during this phase.

Read on for the best period pain remedies that will help you tolerate this phase better.

Period cramps: What to do for lasting relief?

Massage with essential oils

Use super-convenient Glow period cramps roll-on oil for a quick and highly effective remedy for period cramps.

Glow’s period cramps relief oil is a proprietary blend of essential oils for topical application. It offers instant pain relief during menstrual cycles. Just rub the oil into your abdomen, back, and sides to miraculously ease your period cramps.

Apply heat

Heat therapy is a go-to solution for all muscle spasms and pains. Since period cramps are caused by muscle movements, applying heat to your back and abdomen will reduce them.

But what if you are at work or traveling and unable to relax in one spot with a heating pad for cramps? How to relief from period pain in that case?

Fortunately, Glow’s period cramps relief oil is a convenient solution that delivers the same relief, whether you are at home or on the go.

Relax with a hot bath

Drown your period pains and let your body relax with a hot bath or shower. Add a few drops of Glow’s lavender essential oil to your bath water to feel more energized and refreshed.

Or if you prefer, rub this essential oil on your skin after your bath, and the delightful floral scent will calm your mind and rejuvenate your body.

Improve your fluid intake

Water and clear fluids improve circulation in the body. Increase your intake of fluids during your period for better blood circulation and it will in turn lessen the intensity of cramps.

If bloating, constipation, and digestive issues trouble add to your menstrual woes, try Glow’s All Cramps Away set for relief from all aches at once. By combining the benefits of the period relief oil with the Digest Easy oil, this combo will provide you with all-encompassing relief.

Herbal teas

Natural herbs like chamomile, ginner, fennel, and cinnamon have profound natural anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Consuming teas made with these herbs will offer rapid relief from period cramps.

Enjoy these herbal teas during and in the days leading up to your period. They will relax the body, reduce stress and provide well-deserved relief from period pains.

Diffuse essential oils

Did you know that aromatherapy helps to combat PMS symptoms like restlessness, anxiety, and mood swings?

Pop a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil into your diffuser and inhale their aromatic goodness. The lingering scent will offer respite from PMS symptoms and help you relax.

Regardless of your age or activity levels, period cramps can put a serious dent in your activities by making you miserable and moody. Combat this problem by combining the benefits of Glow’s Natural essential oils and the natural remedies on our list and enjoy long-lasting relief from your period-related discomforts.