Do you love citrus essential oils because their zesty, uplifting scent instantly perks you up?

If yes, let us introduce you to a new superstar from the citrus essential oil family—Bergamot essential oil!

Bergamot essential oil benefits are aromatic and therapeutic. Bergamot essential oil uses include using it in potpourri and deodorizers for its pleasant scent. It is also a key beauty ingredient because of the extensive bergamot essential oil benefits for skin.

Glow’s Bergamot essential oil and other brands like Bergamot essential oil young living have been noticed for all the right reasons. But we have merely touched upon the essential oil bergamot benefits just yet.

But first, do you know what does bergamot essential oil smell like?

It is a sunny citrus scent; well-rounded, deep, and simply fantastic!

Let us find out more about the different benefits of bergamot essential oil and bergamot essential oil recipes and how to make the best use of them.

Bergamot essential oil benefits for skin

The biggest benefit of bergamot essential oil is its ability to reduce acne, warts, and various skin infections. It improves complexion, evens skin tone, and locks moisture within. Using a bergamot essential oil blend of lavender and tea tree oil can magically tackle long-prevalent skin conditions.

Bergamot essential oil for aromatherapy

Bergamot essential oil blends well with both essential oils and carrier oils. Hence, it finds extensive use in aromatherapy.

Bergamot essential oil benefits diffuser is manifold. It will spruce up the ambiance of your space instantly. You can even use it with other scents.

Q:So, what goes well with bergamot essential oil?

We recommend Frankincense, cypress, geranium, or eucalyptus for use in oil diffusers or even for aromatherapy massages.

Now, a few pointers on how to use bergamot essential oil before adding it to your diffuser or aromatherapy beauty treatment.

  • Although bergamot essential oil benefits aromatherapy, it is concentrated. Never apply it directly to the skin. Dilute it with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond when using bergamot essential oil for face or skin.
  • Always buy bergamot essential oil that is 100% pure and from a trusted source like Glow KL. Cheap knock-offs can wreak havoc on your skin and health by triggering harmful reactions.

Bergamot essential oil as a deodorizer

Our discussion on what is bergamot essential oil used for is incomplete without looking at its deodorizing properties.

We know the most pressing questions are how to apply bergamot essential oil as a deodorant and what to mix with bergamot essential oil?

Mix jasmine and bergamot essential oil or lavender and bergamot essential oil to create a customized deodorant for odor-heavy areas. You can also diffuse bergamot essential oil in your space to mask foul smells in your home or office.

Bergamot essential oil for better heart health

For the final answer to what is bergamot essential oil good for, let us look at its link to better heart and liver health. This essential oil contains flavonoids that reduce cholesterol. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the liver.

But, how to use bergamot for cholesterol? You can take bergamot as a supplement after checking with your doctor. You can also use it as a juice to reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides and improve good cholesterol in the body.