Are you constantly battling skin problems like acne, sunburn, or rosacea?

Find the perfect solution for all these problems in Glow’s sacred frankincense essential oil. Even better, frankincense essential oil benefits do not end here!

This rich, aromatic, and woodsy essential oil can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. So much, that it has rightly earned the title of “King of essential oils!”

The therapeutic uses of frankincense essential oil range from enhancing skin quality and eliminating muscle pains to endowing mental clarity and improving sleep.

Read on to learn more about this powerful essential oil and how to use it for maximum benefit.

Q:What is Frankincense essential oil?

Sacred Frankincense essential oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree that is a native of Africa, Middle East and Asia. The resin is bled and steam-distilled to yield highly aromatic and pure Frankincense essential oil.

Interestingly, it is believed that once upon a time frankincense essential oil was even dearer than gold. While we do not know if it is true, we certainly know that this essential oil was highly valued as a therapeutic aid in ancient Israel, Europe, India, and China.

What is frankincense essential oil good for?

Frankincense essential oil has a host of health, beauty, and spiritual benefits. Let us look at how it rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.

Frankincense essential oil uses for skin:

Glow’s Frankincense essential oil Malaysia is one of the most effective remedies for various skin problems like acne, aging, and sunburn. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that soothes breakouts and smoothens the skin.

Frankincense essential oil benefits for skin also includes improvement in skin tone. Use it regularly to get rid of blemishes and scars and enjoy a clear complexion.

When discussing the skin benefits of frankincense essential oil, we cannot overlook its powerful anti-aging properties. Use it regularly and you will be surprised by its incredible effect on age spots, fine wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It will also reduce scars and blemishes and leave you with a smooth and glowing complexion.

Frankincense oil for muscle and joint pains:

Frankincense essential oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, which proves highly useful for muscle and joint-pain problems. It provides significant relief from terrible arthritic pains. Applying frankincense oil also relieves muscle soreness due to overexertion or injury.

For best results, we suggest using this essential oil alongside Glow’s muscle and join relief spray for lasting relief from aches and pains without medication.

Frankincense oil for relief from nasal congestion

Frankincense essential oil has the ability to relieve nasal congestion and improve breathing. Scientific research also suggests that it has profound effects on asthma symptoms, like wheezing and breathlessness.

You can inhale Glow’s sacred frankincense essential oil directly or use it in steam therapy to break down congestion. Use it for quick and effective relief from sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthmatic conditions. To double the effect, use it with Glow’s breathe easy set, which is highly effective in combating sinus problems that don’t seem to go away.

Frankincense oil for meditation and mental peace

Sacred frankincense essential oil has excellent calming and relaxing properties, and is a perfect Zen oil. Its pleasant aroma will enhance the positive effect of your meditation or spiritual practice session.

Frankincense oil is believed to clear negative energy and deliver a sense of peace. Rub it on your palms or meditation beads, and inhale the light scent to improve your mental clarity, and reduce stress levels. It even has powerful intrinsic healing properties that will alleviate anxiety and stress.

Q:How to use Frankincense essential oil for face?

Glow’s frankincense essential oil formula produces excellent outcomes when used for skincare. Use it to experience better results than other available varieties like frankin. oil young living.

The easiest way to include it in your skin care regiment is by adding a few drops to your daily moisturizer. Apply it liberally every day and your skin tone will consistently improve.

Alternatively, you can also mix a few drops with your facial cleanser and routinely wash your face with it.

Glow’s Frankincense essential oil blends well with other essential oils like lavender oil and geranium oil. So, you can combine frankincense essential oil with other herbal oils to enhance your skincare regimen.

You can also use frankincense essential oil for eyes to eliminate pesky dark circles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Since the eye area is extremely sensitive, always dilute pure frankincense oil with a carrier oil before using it. Apply it regularly to the eye area at bedtime, and watch erase the problem in no time.

Other ways to use Frankincense essential oil every day

The best thing about Glow’s pure frankincense essential oil is that there are numerous ways to make it a part of your daily living. Here are some ideas.

Include it in your meditation routine

The lingering aroma of Glow’s pure sacred frankincense oil will enhance the quality of your meditation and prayer sessions. Rub a few drops of this essential oil into the acupoints at your wrist, collar, and ears and the wafting scent will calm your mind. By uplifting your mood, it will help you focus and emerge refreshed.

Add it to your diffuser

To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of sacred Frankincense oil, add a few drops of it to your diffuser. Glow’s frankincense oil dispels easily, adding a pleasant and herby scent to any space. The lingering scent will uplift your mood and promote a feeling of calm, making it a more versatile choice than other brands like frankincense essential oil young living.

Make it a part of your bedtime routine

A familiar scent will help you wind down easily at the end of the day. Prepare your mind for restful sleep by including frankincense essential oil in your bedtime self-care routine. Add a few drops to your moisturizer or cleanser, and the aroma will tell your body that it is time for bed. Combine it with Glow’s sleep well set and you will slip into dreamland before you know it.