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Active Girl

Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl
Active Girl


Your time of the month shouldn’t stop you from staying active and doing what you love for your body, our “Active Girl” box has got you covered with a mix of high-quality pads and tampons so you can feel prepared, confident and protected as you exercise.

  • panty liners (X light)*
  • pads with/without wings (X regular)*
  • pads with/without wings (X heavy)*
  • soft, classic O.B tampons (regular/super)
  • panadol menstrual for period pain relief (1 strip)
  • surprise gift – to help you get through that time of month with ease and comfort.
*X number is desired quantity of pads based on your flow needs. You can modify/select your box from above "customise your box" button.
  • Expected delivery : Tuesday 19th January 2021 - Wednesday 20th January 2021
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It’s easy to edit your subscription at any time. You know your body (and schedule) best.

How to receive your GLOW box?


Customize your

Click "customize your box" and select your desired quantity of pads/tampons from any brand you prefer. You can mix and match to chose the absorbency that fits best your needs. Don't forget to press "save" button.


Set your delivery frequency

For each plan, you can decide if you want to receive it every 1, 3 or 6 months. Standard shipping is on us. Our customers' most preferred option is 3 months plan.

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