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Period Products

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Our boxes Your very own period box with sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons from Malaysia's leading brands.

Did you know? You can mix and match your period box from four top brands carefully selected for you for superior leak protection.

And thats not all!

If you have your own preference of the brand you would love to have in your box, just leave the comment while placing an order and we will do everything possible in our human power to deliver it to you.

Let your confidence flow with our breathable liners. Designed to be worn daily, these liners keep your V-zone feeling fresh and comfortable wherever you go...
Super soft, ultra smooth! Experience the supple comfort of our revolutionary pad that’s extra absorbent without the bulk. Comes in a variety of attractive designs...
Model: Glow-2340
All your period must-haves in one handy package to get you through that time of month with zero fuss. Design your own box, customize the absorbency and choose from a selection of one-time extras based on what your body needs every cycle.panty liners (X light)*pads with/without wings (X regular)*pads..
Model: Active-2340
Your time of the month shouldn’t stop you from staying active and doing what you love for your body, our “Active Girl” box has got you covered with a mix of high-quality pads and tampons so you can feel prepared, confident and protected as you exercise.panty liners (X light)*pads with/without wings ..
Model: PMS-2020
Meet your period’s new best friend. 7 pure essential oils work together to help soothe PMS cramps on contact.Your first aid and natural alternative to panadol menstrual that helps to relieve:Painful & sharp menstrual crampsExcessive bleeding/heavy mensesMoodiness/irritabilityFeatures:Rolls on sm..
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