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22 Apr Create your own facial serum in 5 minutes
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Did you know that you are losing out on a ton of beauty benefits if you aren’t using an essential oil serum?Facial serum essential oil works wonders by infusing the skin with healthy, nutrient-dense i..
16 Apr Magical benefits of mysterious Argan oil
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From the depths of Morocco in Africa comes a magical oil that has earned the title of “liquid gold.” If there is one ingredient you should include in your hair and skincare routine, it is this exotic ..
31 Mar What is carrier oil: best carrier oil for essential oils
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One of the most important things you should know before using pure essential oils is that they are highly concentrated.These plant-based oils capture the essence of several pounds of plant parts in a ..
20 Mar 7 things you should know when buying essential oils
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Isn’t it amazing how essential oils work towards transforming your health, beauty, and overall wellness from ordinary to extraordinary?But a word of caution—you should use authentic, organic essential..
11 Mar Essential oils for pain relief—Does it work?
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Dealing with pain is terribly frustrating, isn’t it?But, wait before you reach for over-the-counter pain-relief medication, for a better solution could lie in a tiny bottle of essential oil!Many essen..
01 Feb Jojoba Oil for Everyday Life
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Looking for a multi-tasking natural oil for great skin and hair?You are at the right place!Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is gaining prominence in beauty treatments for its unique qualities. So, wha..
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