Isn’t it amazing how essential oils work towards transforming your health, beauty, and overall wellness from ordinary to extraordinary?

But a word of caution—you should use authentic, organic essential oils to experience profound benefits. Steer clear of the cheap knock-offs that appear everywhere in the market.

Since essential oils are concentrated plant-based products, you should know what are essential oils used for and use them appropriately.

So, how do you know where to buy essential oils and what is the best essential oil brand for you? Even if it ticks all the boxes, is it the best essential oil Malaysia that you can find?

All these factors can make you confused. However, as a highly sought-out essential oil brand in Malaysia, we know exactly what you should be looking for.

So, here are our expert tips to find the best natural essential oil Malaysia and make the most of it.

Tip 1: Make a small collection for your personal care routine

There are a million ways to incorporate good essential oil brands Malaysia into your daily routine. But you do not need all organic essential oil Malaysia products at once.

If you are new to what are essential oils used for or unsure of where to begin, start with these baby steps:

Tip 2: Not all essential oils can be ingested

Although essential oils are plant-based products, they are not meant for oral consumption. Most standard essential oils are labelled for topical and aromatic use. It can be dangerous if you ingest them.

Read the label and do your research to understand how you should use any essential oil in Malaysia. Do not consume it unless it is specifically mentioned on the label. Remember that accidentally ingesting even small amounts can prove dangerous and lead to significant poisoning.

Tip 3: Check the concentration level before use

Some essential oil in Malaysia come in concentrated form while others are pre-diluted. For instance, Glow’s floral essential oils like lavender, geranium, and patchouli are concentrated. Meanwhile, our range of body treatment oils are pre-diluted with carrier oils.

Concentrated essential oils are powerful, so a few drops are enough for most needs. Direct application to the skin can cause intense and uncomfortable sensations. So, dilute them with a good carrier oil, like Glow’s Jojoba oil before use.

Before using any organic essential oil Malaysia, check the label or visit the website to make sure you are using it correctly.

Tip 4: Essential oils are different from fragrance oils

Let us now talk about essential oil Malaysia price. If an essential oil is inexpensive, it is for two likely reasons—you are either dealing with a fake product or fragrance oil.

Many buyers make the mistake of buying fragrance oils instead of essential oils without realizing the difference between them. So, here is a quick primer on fragrance oil vs essential oil.

Essential oils are natural, plant-based oils made from aromatic plant parts. They have therapeutic and medicinal benefits and can be safely used and inhaled.

Meanwhile, fragrance oils are synthetic oils made in a lab. They mimic the scent of essential oils but do not have any therapeutic benefits. You shouldn’t apply them to your skin or use them for any medicinal purposes.

So, the next time you search where to buy essential oils near me, look for authentic organic essential oils and not fragrance oils since both are different.

Tip 5: Choose the right time to use different essential oils

Have you heard the word "photosensitivity?” It means that some oils are affected by exposure to light, more specifically sunlight. Typical examples are citrus-based essential oils.

Applying these oils to your skin and going out during the day will increase UV sensitivity. It can cause painful side effects and reactions.

To avoid such problems, make sure that the essential oils you use in the morning have no photosensitivity concerns. If they do, switch their use to your night-time care routine.

Tip 6: You can use essential oils in your diffusers

The easiest way to transform your space into a welcoming, sweet-scented oasis is by running your diffuser with a few drops of pure essential oils.

Many people use fragrance oils for this purpose, but they are synthetic products with no therapeutic benefits. Depending on the blend used in these fragrance oils, they may even cause more harm than good.

Meanwhile, inhaling the powerful scent of essential oils produces excellent therapeutic effects while also uplifting your mood. Don’t worry about where to buy essential oils in Kuala Lumpur for your diffuser. You can use the same lavender, jasmine, geranium, or Frankincense essential oil in your medicine cabinet.

Tip 7: Where to buy essential oil—The best essential oils can be found online

Are you perplexed about where to buy essential oils in Malaysia?

Finding a quality supplier is easier than you think because you do not even have to go to the store. The best brands of essential oils are available online. Not only can you validate their products online, but they will also deliver your orders to your doorstep.

So, where can I buy essential oils online?

Whether you are a novice to essential oils or an expert in it, find pure and superior-quality essential oils for all your needs on the GlowKL website. With very strict sourcing and product quality requirements, you can be assured that all our pure essential oils will meet and even exceed your high expectations.